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a helpful new web app inspired by Hoteliers

MemoCue manages your date-sensitive obligations like contracts, pricing agreements, licenses, leases, and more. It reminds you when to cancel or renew with suppliers (or clients).

It tracks expiry dates of all your contracts and sends automatic notifications prior to expiry – you’ll never have the hassle of unwanted auto-renewing contracts. And that’s piece of mind!

For a limited time, MemoCue Pro is available for only $299/year.

  • Quick convenient access from anywhere
  • Online document management, with access in digital format (PDF, DOC, JPG, etc.)
  • Expiry reminders can automatically send to multiple email addresses
  • Set custom reminders for each contract entry, some 30 days prior to expiry, and others more or less
  • Option to send supplemental reminders via SMS (Text Message) to mobile phone(s)
  • Export your list to Excel
  • Custom reporting

"Where was MemoCue when we were a few days late in renewing our liquor licences, it could have saved us thousands”

Craig Prystay, President, RPB Hotels and Resorts.

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